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Power of I AM

Can you feel the magic of the book you are holding in your hands? The Magical Book of Animals & Affirmations was created to educate and inspire children of all ages. Children who read this book will experience the significance of the words “I AM,” words that literally have the ability to transform their thoughts and change their lives. For what is magic but hidden power within ourselves?

Think of the words following “I AM” as a crop that children can plant to discover and express their self-worth. As the great teacher Tim O’Kelley says, “When you plant corn, you’re going to get corn. When you plant wheat, you’re going to get wheat. So when you plant positive, you’re going to get positive results.” By reading this book, children will sow and reap the benefits of, “I am beautiful, I am grateful, I am important and more” in the world. Imagine the limitless possibilities if your child reads this book every day.

Pay it Forward Page by Page

 By purchasing this book, you provide the possibility of “I AM” for your child, and you also gift this invaluable tool to a child in need. For each copy of The Magical Book of Animals & Affirmations you buy, Little Panda Productions donates another copy to a school, charity, church or learning center. You change the world by planting a seed and nurturing the growth of our youngest and brightest minds.


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